It should come as no surprise that girls and women have always yearned for a more fair future in a world where patriarchal standards have continuously impacted society. Women have been fighting for equality for centuries, and while there has been unquestionable progress, it is now necessary to pause and reconsider our approach. ‘Feminism’ has come to symbolize this struggle for women’s empowerment and rights. Is there any other cause worth fighting for besides equality? Are we losing sight of the bigger picture in our pursuit of happiness and personal fulfillment?
We can see many examples of women empowerment but is it the only thing we were fighting for ? Where is our greed for wanting more positivism in our life? Or are we going wrong with our fight for equality?
Women have stood up throughout history, both collectively and individually, to question conventional norms and demand their rightful position in the world. Despite undeniable victories, it is critical to ask if we should remain on our current route or if there is room for further evolution. We don’t seem to have any second thoughts to change the charger if it is not doing the work as expected, then why are we waiting for to level up despite the fact that it is not working the way it should.This fight of feminism has turned into vicious cycle of hardship , and isnot thi a big time we should lay back a bit and revise our perspective regarding same course of action been carried out with the time .
Women continue to be underrepresented in areas of leadership, politics, and the workplace. Shockingly, one in every five women aged 15 to 49 claims physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner within a 12-month period. These depressing numbers show that our struggle toward equality is far from over.
It is a big time that we should realize taking care of our skin or doing fancy makeup is not self-love like some ‘FEMINISTA’ out there claim to be. Instead of relying on makeup as a symbol of empowerment, we may redirect our focus to enhancing our skills and self-development. Nobody wants next generation to fight the same fight we are fighting..
Furthermore, the fight for equality is about promoting a more equitable allocation of resources based on individual ability rather than gender stereotypes. It’s critical to acknowledge that males aren’t completely to blame for biases; we must also tackle our own biases and prejudices.
To put it bluntly, the path to equity is the first step toward true equality. Instead of stressing over the end result, we should focus on strengthening the process itself. Equity necessitates a more equitable distribution of opportunities based on ability rather than gender, and it is this basic alteration in perspective that may finally lead to equality.
The fight for gender equality is a multidimensional journey that includes political, economic, social, and cultural components. While we have made significant progress, there is still much more to be done. Instead of becoming dissatisfied it is critical to rekindle the flames of our self-fight and renew the drive to constructing a more fair future. Our ultimate goal should be to prepare the route for future generations to avoid having to fight the same conflicts we have.
To summarize, the fight for equality is a great cause, but it is time to rethink our techniques and extend our perspective. Recognize the concept of equity, change the process, and understand that true equality is a journey, not a destination. By doing so, we may create a society where gender-based prejudice and biases are a thing of the past, and where all persons, regardless of gender, are respected for their unique qualities and contributions.-Sadhana Guragain, Baiteshwor -06 Dolakha

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